Wednesday 16 March 2011

Woe is me on a Brompton!

Woe! Woe I say?

Well it had to happen at some point? Today while cycling home on my beloved Orange Brompton I heard a pop, a hiss and realised with horror that my rear tyre had been punctured! Upon closer inspection I discovered what in building circles is know as, 'a ruddy great nail.'

A cry of woe unashamedly came from my lips. I folded my bike up and had to resort to walking with the ordinary plebeians that I had now become. Hurrying home, the bike was put in the boot of my car and I raced to my nearest bike shop. This was less that 30 minutes ago. They couldn't do the repair there and then and I will have to collect it (feeling quite maudlin at this) tomorrow morning. Woe, woe again with an extra dash of woe!

How will I cope without my daily joy of using my Brompton? My first thought was to buy a second one! But I know this to be merely a rush of blood to the head, combined with a fit of the vapours! No. I will have to soldier on until tomorrow but like a child trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve, it will not come quickly. WOE I say...woe!

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  1. I completely understand.
    As a wannabe Brompton owner, I have a solution.

    I think you should purchase a second Brompton, a six speed with, say, yellow frame and bright green forks. I know this will provide you with a dilemma, this is, after all, the Orange Brompton Blog. In the spirit of Bromptonites everywhere, I would be happy to store the yellow and green one for you. It will live securely in Edinburgh, and be available whenever you need it... just hop on a train from King's Cross.


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