Wednesday 9 March 2011

Brooks Saddle for my Brompton

Like most of you out there, buying a Brompton Folding Bike is a pretty big undertaking. They cost a fair amount and then there is the difficult choice of colour, handle bars and gearing to name but a few of the multitude of choices. One thing I totally bypassed was the saddle.

I had expected Santa to deliver me a Brooks saddle and stuff it somehow in my stocking, but alas he didn't. Perhaps it was because I had been a bad boy?

Just out of the box. I already love it!
Today, I received my order from, 'Simpson Cycles' of a brand new Brooks Saddle. Opening the box I was greeted with a leather and brass riveted masterpiece. It complements the bike really well both are design classics.

I was worried that the orange and brown leather might clash, however to my eye they go rather well. I have heard reports from some quarters that a Brooks saddle is on the hard side. I can only say that having just been on a twenty minute round trip to test it out, I found it to be more comfortable than the standard Brompton saddle. Another worry was losing the lovely moulded handle on the standard Brompton saddle. Again, I found it perfectly comfortable to hold.

The Brooks on the Brompton. I think it looks great!

The whole saddle really does look very well made and the attention to detail is high. The grain of the leather is pleasing to the eye and if anything enhances the Englishness of the Brompton itself. There was even a sealed envelope containing the care instructions and guarantee - a nice touch. I will of course have to get a tin of Brooks Proofhide at some point so that I can keep the saddle subtle and in good condition.

It is of course early days and the next few weeks will allow mew to make a more informed review. First impressions are very favourable and considering a Brooks saddle is supposed to get more comfortable once broken in, I think I am going to get to like it even more. It will also provide the look I am after when I compete and genuinely think I can win, the Brompton World Championships.


  1. hi.

    enjoy it - it looks great.

  2. So what foutain pen do you use or like most ? ( Im a fellow orange bromptoner & brooks B17 seat )

    1. Montblanc 145 and 149 (small and large) and a Lamy 2000. You?


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