Saturday 16 April 2011

Geocaching on a Brompton

Today I went geocaching with an old friend. They have been going on about the joys of geocaching for years, so today after putting off several previous invites I took the plunge.

We met at Little Venice and cycled all the way to the City, as the GPS arrow was pointing in that direction. Eventually we reached the exciting bit where the GPS unit was almost in a frenzy and informing us that we were close.

Close meant rummaging around trees trying to avoid dog mess and the penetrating stares of onlookers who must have thought we had been let out for the morning from some institution!

After what seemed like an age my friend let out a yell of triumph and came towards me to show me his prize. I was expecting, well, something almost pirate-like. A chest at least. I was slightly crestfallen to see that his bounty was a 35mm film canister. Yes, one of those little black tubes from yester year. Inside I was expecting a sovereign, a ring, perhaps a pearl. No. It contained a soggy piece of rolled up paper. My friend wrote his name on said paper and then updated his discovery on his BlackBerry - not even an iPhone!

That done we cycled to a nearby cafe where my friend discussed the merits of urban geocaching in graphic detail. I am not overly sure about its long term appeal for me personally, but was certainly an experience.

If there is anyone out there who is into geocaching please leave a comment and state your case.

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