Wednesday 26 June 2024

Commute to work on a Brompton resumed

If you read my recent blog entry about the Brompton World Championships, you will have read that I used my Brompton to commute to and from work. This has been quite a big thing for me.

It does seem like ages since I used a Brompton to commute to and from work. In fact I haven't even used my Brompton Electric for this. There is a reason for that - a blog entry for another time perhaps!

The route is tried and tested but does involve hills. I have stuck to doctors orders by ascending them slowly and to actually get off and walk if my knee feels too strained. This is slower than I used to go but not so significant to be an issue. (I have missed the Brompton Electric though)!

At work I have a rather fancy and posh cupboard that has a large set of sliding doors to hide away an lock my Brompton safely. 

I have now completed the Ride100 and the BWC on my non-electric Brompton bicycles. You may be asking why I got the Brompton Electric? The simple answer is that some of my cycle rides using the Brompton Electric will be easier by a calendar mile. Mixing this power at the touch of a button along with using one of my human powered bikes, is a win win. I now have the luxury of choosing. 

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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