Sunday 30 June 2024

Brompton Electric back from an extended stay

A few blog posts ago you might recall that once I got back from a rather good overnight adventure from London to Whitstable, I discovered that the rear hub wheel (new 12x speed) was well and truly f*#@ed to use common parlance. On 28th May - a day after the Bank Holiday here in the UK - I took it to Brilliant Bikes and left it with them. 

Brilliant Bikes are quite simply brilliant and after a few weeks of chansing Brompton my new rear wheel arrived and was fitted. There was no fuss with Brompton. I imagine the wheel was returned to Brompton, they agreed with my assessment of it and replaced it under warranty. 

Yesterday, I collected my Brompton Electric and after about an hour, I was back into more familiar urban territory. My suspicion is that the old rear hub wheel was just one of those glitches. I have had lots of Brompton bikes over the years and the hub gears do seem pretty bulletproof. 

As it was a lovely day and Mrs Orange and the Orangettes had a place to be, I had a few hours to test out the new rear wheel. I cycled down Swain's Lane, took the photo below and then cycled up it. I marvelled at the ease of it all.

The Brompton Electric does require you to still pedal of course but when the motor kicks in, there is little strain on the knees.

I cycled a few laps of this area and then south through Belsize Park, past Abbey Road and then a circuit of Regents Park. After doing this, I cycled north again to N6. 

It really was a lovely afternoon for cycling and I enjoyed it all. Strangely, I did not spot one other Brompton but when I passed Gospel Oak I have a chat with someone on a rather nice road bike who had been to the BWC last weekend. 

Now I have my Brompton Electric back I could use it for a possible Southend overnight ride or even the Dunwich Dynamo, however, I think that I will almost certainly be using my Orange Titanium for both of those adventures. 

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Until Next time, stay safe out there people. 

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