Sunday 5 May 2024

Brompton amble in London

The other week, still testing out the motor and battery of my Brompton Electric, I went for an amble in London. I had no particular place to go - a little like the song - but headed vaguely south from N6.

I started my ride taking a photo of my Brompton leaning against a lampost. To my back, is a house owned by ex-Python Terry Gilliam. I have yet to see him wave from one of the windows after several years. Surely just a matter of time!

The weather looked changeable and in the distance, the London skyline was hazy - a sign that inclement weather might be on its way.

Heading past Belsize Park and towards Primrose Hill,  I stopped at a block of flats I have always liked for the stairs leading up to the upper floors. 

I got to Westminster at bang on 10:00 am as you can see in the photo. To my left there is a collection of old red telephone boxes, tourists patiently queue up in a long line to wait and have their photos taken. I cannot think of anything worse but perhaps - like most Londoners -  I take living in London and its many sights for granted. 

Normally I head across the Thames and cycle along the Thames on the south side. Today I decided to cycle along Embankment and stopped for a few photos. 

Rather than take a photo of Cleopatra's Needle - that dates from around 1450 BC - I decided to take one of the two bronze faux-sphinxes. Many say that if you deliberate hard enough, you will probably think of a family member or friend who has a face quite similar to them. I pondered this as I cycled further on...

London was rather quiet. I suspect that this is a throwback to the dreaded C word. Many city workers work from home now and parts of the square mile are much quieter than they were.

I stopped to take a photo of Tower 42. A few years ago I was fortunate to be invited many times by the Urban Birder and gentleman that is, David Lindo to go to the very top and take in the incredible views for several hours. I was supposed to be there to contribute to a bird migration survey but I think David knew I was sort of there for the views.  As I took the photo a few memories played in my mind of this. If you search my blog, there might be a couple of posts about this, from the many times I went up there. 

One of my first blog posts where I Brompton I bought arrived, saw me amble around London with my then new Brompton. The photo below almost recreates - by accident - almost the same location I took one all those years ago. When I think of the sort of rides I like doing, night rides and ones like these in London, are probably my favorite. 

At the Lloyds Building I stopped taking photos and decided to turn on the battery for the Brompton Electric and put it on power 1 - my preferred setting if I am going to use it. My knee has felt pretty good of late and I have found the motor to be my safety net. For most rides, so far I have found that I do not need it unless I am ascending a bit lump in the road. When this happens the ability to cheat is wonderful!

Until next time, stay safe out there people!


  1. And the second photo on Hillway is almost outside Judith Chalmers pad!


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