Sunday 30 April 2023

Why I passed on the Tweed Run this year

The Tweed Run returned to London yesterday. It is essentially a cycle ride through iconic parts of London with participants wearing as much tweed as they dare. Tickets usually sell out very quickly but this year I didn't even try. I'll explain. 

My first Tweed Run was over ten years ago and I have participated in several up until the 'C' word stopped all the fun. This year tickets cost £50 and despite being fortunate enough to be able to afford the entry price, I just couldn't bring myself summon up the enthusiasm to but one. 

The Tweed Run is great fun as you cycle around London and its iconic landmarks, making wonderful backdrops for photos but it is only about 12 miles and painfully slow. On several of the Tweed Run events I have attended, after taking lots of photos, saying hello to people I know and nodding at members of the public who are beguiled by so many cyclists decked in tweed, I have become so frustrated at the snail-like pace I have abandoned the ride as I had had enough. I suppose living living in London and seeing many of the iconic bits whenever I feel like it, had a part to play in this. There are many occasions where I find myself on one of my Brompton bicycles, in a suit, in London and get the same reaction from people as I cycle by. 

I think everyone should experience The Tweed Run at least once and I count myself lucky to have done so several times. However, I can easily get out a Harris or Donegal Tweed sports jacket with a hint of orange at will. 

Until next time, stay safe out there. 

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