Wednesday 5 April 2023

Amble on an Orange Brompton

The other day I went on a little amble with nowhere in particular in mind at all. I decided to test out the Velo 2 that the lovely peeps at Beeline had sent out to me to test, so I decided to be give it a try. (Much more on the Velo 2 at a later stage once I have really given it the once over, so keep coming back to read about that at some point). 

I started off at Finchley Road just on the border of NW8 and cycled down past Abbey Road and its famous studios. there was no one there taking a photo on or near the famous zebra crossing for once. From there I cycled past Regents Park, the British Museum, through Clerkenwell and then to Barbican. There, I had to stop off at Florin Court which to those of you who are fans of the television series, Poirot will know that this was used as the home of the famous detective, Whitehaven Mansions. 

The little Velo 2 did a great job of getting me to various locations that popped into my mind and I enjoyed its simplicity. 

Heading south across the river I found myself cycling past Millwall Football Club. I didn't particularly want to cycle past this but the route was a good one and it got me target of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel - south side. I found an old Victorian archway and decided to stop and take a photo. A couple walking the other way looked at my taking a photo and the lady shouted out, 'nice bike.'

I headed into the old Naval College at Greenwich for a few more photos and wondered why tourists firstly don't hire a bike to see London and second don't get up as early as myself to have lots of these locations all to yourself?

Cycling further east towards the O2 I stopped for the photo below. I can honestly remember the first few times I cycled this way and sure it was but a step away from a derelict building site. (In truth it is not much more now). 

At North Greenwich I stopped for another piece of 'Labyrinth' art by Mark Wallinger. I really like these. I am not sure I will ever managed to get a photo of them all, but on the rare occasions I use the tube, I see if I can find one. From there it was a quick few stops on the Jubilee Line back to NW8 as I did not have the time to cycle back. Another time perhaps.

Until next time, stay safe out there people!


  1. My Brompton earns a "nice bike" comment almost every day I go out with it too.

  2. Thank you for the photo of Poirot’s apartment block - I’m a huge fan of the series. As for the “nice bike” comments, I have had a school child call out “sick bike!” as I pedalled past a school gate, to the uproarious approval of his mates!


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