Tuesday 14 February 2023

Brompton CHPT3 version 4

Brompton might have sent you a notification to sign up for information about the forthcoming CHPT3 Version 4. Yes it will be out sooner rather than later. The CHPT3 has been a huge hit and is pretty much guaranteed to not only fly off the shelf - but probably won't even make it to a shelf in the first place. Those of a certain age might remember when bands released singles and a few, made it all the way to 'number one' before it was even released. The CHPT3 is a little like that. 

The first version was back in 2018 and was released to rave reviews. Let's gloss over the fact that many, perhaps unkindly, said that it was a Brompton Superlight with a new paint job, some extras and very good PR.

A year later the 2019 model followed with a few changes here and there in the looks department. My favourite of the lot was the 2020 version which had grey and the familiar hint of red.

I have a friend who has all three and is getting #4 whenever it comes out. It is as simple as that. Getting the third version was quite comical on several levels. To ensure that he was guaranteed to get one (he did quite easily) I, along with a few trusted friends was enlisted to sign up for as a prospective buyer, just in case. With #4 on the horizon, he is doing much the same - just in case. 

Now my friend does use these bikes, only in the summer and when there is no prospect of rain. (Who does this remind you of with his Orange Superlight)? For all other times he uses a couple of the new T-Line Brompton bikes of all things, one with a low and one with a mid handlebar. 

It is very likely that the new CHPT3 will use a P Line as the starting point, feature some red and the rest, who knows? As mentioned, it will be sold out before you can blink and the only location you will be able to buy one will be for eye watering amounts on various bidding platforms. 

So my friend, if you are reading this, I have your back just in case but you owe me!

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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