Monday 23 January 2017

The Brompton World Championships 2017 opens for business...

Many of you out there actually think that I - and it has to be said my Partner in Crime, Andrew - work for Brompton, get my bicycles for free, get invited to all Brompton events and am privy to all sorts of classified information from Brompton HQ.

The reality is very different. Despite being rather enthusiastic about all things Brompton, loyal to the brand and providing lots of free advertising for them over the years, I have existed very much on the outer limits of Brompton, the company. In fact almost a year ago, it was made very clear that my humble blog was of no significance to them whatsoever. Of course this doesn't matter as I write it for my benefit rather than for anyone else.

I write all this as today I have been getting quite a few emails asking me the question, are you riding at the Brompton World Championships this year, as if I have a direct route to the start line and that my place is guaranteed. Well, I will state the obvious. Firstly, if I did enter the ballot I would have to take my chances and have the anxious wait like everyone else. Second, who says I want to participate at all? I did use the word, if...

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