Tuesday 24 January 2017

Let there be light

As an all year round cyclist I commute daily in all weathers. At this time off year when things are still quite dark early in the morning and much the same on the way home - although it does seem to be getting ever so slightly lighter each day - I find it astonishing the number of cyclists not sporting ANY lights front and rear?!

I know what you are thinking. They are probably on cheap bicycles where a set of lights might cost more than the bike itself. Well that is true for some but I have seen quite a few riders on expensive road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes with no lights whatsoever. 

My commute to work this morning was made more interesting by thick fog to go with the darkness. To my amazement I saw a few riders with nothing. It was much the same story on the way home. In fact I regularly see riders without lights. Some are stupid enough to wear black with not even the smallest amount of reflective material. This is just plain stupid. 

I had a quick look at bike lights and you can get a very good set of front and back battery lights that would withstand the rigours of a daily commute for £9.99. There really isn't any excuse. 

Here in London there are a sizeable number of cyclists who run their lights during the day - I am one of these - and although many would deem this unnecessary, for me at least it makes perfect sense.  


  1. I agree - Its not just London I live in N-Wales I see cyclists every day
    with no lights not just on the roads but on the foot paths which is against the law in Wales.

  2. People who are stupid enough not to use lights also seem to favour head to toe black clothing (including a black hoodie with no helmet of course!) and choose to ride black bikes. I wouldn't wish anyone harm, but ..... if you're a subscriber to the Darwin Awards theory, you'll take some satisfaction that these people, who do nothing to help the cause of cycling, will be wiped out before they have the opportunity to pass on their stupid genes to a new generation. This might further the evolution of sensible cycling :-)

  3. It's crazy and I just don't get it...I've got a very good pair of lights from-ahem-Halfords for a tenner, sport a headtorch as well, £3 from Morrisons. No major outlay there.


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