Tuesday 9 June 2015

Kalenji Orange Smartphone Belt - Decathlon

The lovely people at Decathlon have sent a few items for me to review - in a colour I am particularly fond of - and over the next few weeks I will be posting my thoughts and feelings about them.

The first item is the 'Kalenji Orange Smartphone Belt.' You can of course get this in different colours (black, purple, red and blue).

Any iPhone 6 Plus user who is also a cyclist might encounter some problems happily stowing their beloved Apple product in one of their pockets. I have sought several solutions but to my surprise the Kalenji Smartphone belt seems like a really good one.

I use the word surprised as it isn't actually that big. First impressions were that you might be able to put the smaller iPhone 6 or similar sized device inside...but the 6 Plus fits inside really well!

In the pictures below you might notice that my phone fits inside very comfortably and that is with the Apple leather cover still on.

If you have a phone smaller or about the same size, it will fit comfortably.

The zip is very smooth and more importantly doesn't look as if it is going to break anytime soon.

On the picture below you can see a key icon. This has a small pocket where a couple of house keys would fit.

The other side has am exit/entry point for a pair of headphone.

The adjustable belt is wide and comfortable, allowing lots of different wearing options. You can have it positioned to your back, front and sides. In addition you can wear it across the chest Mexican bandit style. All work well.

It is probably a product aimed at joggers but works rather well for cyclists too.

It isn't waterproof as far as I can tell however under a waterproof jacket it would be pretty safe from harms way.

The Kalenji Smartphone Belt costs £6.50 and for me is a bargain. I have provided a link below directly to this at the Decathlon website. Well worth a look and as I have already pointed out, other colours are available.

Link to the Kalenji Smartphone Belt

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