Sunday 28 June 2015

B'Twin Orange Mountain Bike Shorts - Very Orange!

As you may be aware from a few previous posts, the lovely people at Decathlon UK sent me a number of items for review purposes.

At the recent Jupiter London Nocturne which I was fortunate enough to get into the final, I wore a pair of their B'Twin Orange Mountain Bike Shorts. To say they are orange is a little bit of an understatement! They are a vibrant orange and definitely allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

As far as design goes they are more conventional and have two front pockets, one cargo pocket on the leg and one rear pocket.

In addition there are belt loops should you need them. They are very lightweight and the fabric offers lots of flexibility so they are perfect for cycling.

They can be quite happily used in conjunction with a pair of padded cycling shorts underneath and this is what I did for the Nocturne.

One great feature is an elastic strip that allows you to make the waistband tighter. Using buttons to secure things in place is a quick and easy process. I opted to get a pair of XL shorts but found them too big for me. Large would have been perfect however the fact they had this feature meant that I could still war them comfortably.

Okay, it comes down to price. How much I hear you ask. Well, they cost £12.99. For me this represents really good value for money and the shorts feel as if they cost a great deal more.

If you want to be seen on your bicycle this summer you could do worse. I would also imagine these wouldn't  be out of place as part of summer holiday clothing or just something bright for warmer weather.

They come in black and green if orange is either too bright or not your thing but for me I am going to stick with these.

You can find a link below directly to the shorts at the Decathlon Website and again many thanks to Decathlon UK for allowing me to review them.

Link to item on Decathlon website

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