Sunday 9 November 2014

Your New Brompton - Expectations vs Reality!

So, you finally did it. You stumped up the necessary moula to purchase your gleaming new Brompton folding bicycle. I can tell you from experience that you are going to be a happy soul as owning one is rather special. However, there can be a considerable gulf in terms of expectations and reality. Here follows some advice that you may wish to consider.

Expectation #1 

I am going to take my new Brompton everywhere! I have the ultimate in personal transport and can quite literally go anywhere!!

Reality #1 

I don't believe it! It's raining. There is no way I am going to cycle in that weather and get my new bike dirty! I use it another time.

Expectation #2 

When my friends and family see my new Brompton, they are going to be captivated and want to know all about it!!

Reality #2

Your friends and family are incredulous that you spent that much on a bicycle that isn't something Sir Bradley Wiggins would use! You try to explain your Brompton bicycles many merits and even resort to folding and unfolding but to no avail!

Expectation #3 

You are going to instantly be faster than your work colleague who has been commuting to work on his/her road bike for the last five years!

Reality #3

Keep up the cycling and you will become fitter, stronger and faster but your sweaty red face and general shortness of breath indicates that you are not going to be instantly faster by virtue of owning a Brompton.

Expectation #4 

I will instantly become hipper, trendier and cooler as the Brompton is THE thing to have at the moment for the gentleman/lady in town!!

Reality #4

Your confidence takes a slight knock as you pass a group of spotty adolescents at the bus stop when they shout out various observations such as:

'Clown bike.'

'Shrunk in the wash.'

'Why are you riding that kids bike?'

Expectation #5

You have a Brompton and can now enter the fabled. Brompton World Championships. You're going to get on the podium or win the thing, right!!

Reality #5

Oh my days! That was harder than I expected. I didn't come last but perhaps I need to do a little more training in the next 12 months!

Buying a Brompton and owning one is going to be nothing but fun. They are build to last, great to use and put a smile on your face. As long as your expectations match the realities of ownership you'll be fine and part of an ever growing club of Bromptonians who sing the praises of their folding wonders.


  1. You forgot to say when you ride your Brompton you will feel like the king of the world

  2. LOL... very entertaining. I Like.
    Have a great day!

  3. . . . and that all expectations become irrelevant once you've enjoyed the blissful reality that your Brompton brings to every day of your life!

  4. That put a smile on my face... LOL

  5. What about the feeling of righteousness when you first take it on a rush-hour train.

  6. The other expectation is that once you have bought your Brompton you will never need to buy another bike... Reality, you start saving to buy a SECOND Brompton (one for riding, on for racing!)

    A super list Mr O!

  7. Hi. Just discovered your blog (great style) after endless research before buying my first S3R Brompton but can't decide on colour. I'm smitten with orange (frame/extremities) but after mentioning it to a couple of other commuting friends questions about my manliness have been raised! ;D. Should I ignore the naysayers or is orange a very avant-garde colour on a Brompton or in general. Should I play it safe? Thoughts?

    1. One who takes any notice of what people might say would be better sticking to one of the tamer colours. Suggest you play it safe.

    2. I went for the S3R.... In Orange! And I couldn't be happier.
      Loving the colour more and more every time I look at it :D
      Couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face as I left Cycle Surgery in Holborn on Sunday!!!

    3. Excellent Nick glad you are enjoying it. Hope to see you on a ride soon!

  8. Very funny one, Mr. O.
    Had fun reading this post!
    Peace :)

  9. Expectation #6
    My investment for my new Brompton would last for sometime considering bike is well stocked.

    Reality #6
    With all the upgrades, bling-bling and Brompt-ification available in the market your expenses has just started.


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