Wednesday 5 January 2011

English Weather!

Rain to right of them. Rain to left of them. Rain in front of them.Volley'd and thunder'd; storm'd at with shot and shell. Boldly they rode and well, into the jaws of Death, into the mouth of Hell. Rode the six hundred.

I am slightly exaggerating of course but that is what it felt like on this ice-cold evening cycling home.  Why can't England have a climate like that of Southern California? At least it would still be hot whilst raining. I am sure that once I again get used to the joys of cycling to and from work in the pouring rain, I will feel much better??

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for wet weather riding? (Don't bother saying that I should emigrate to warmer climbs). 

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  1. I think rainlegs is a good idea. You can combine them with a good quality waterproof jacket. Another idea is a poncho, but it can't help in heavy rain. I think the biggest problem is the wet shoes. Shoes rain covers do nothing. I use waterproof boots and they are Ok


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