Monday 17 January 2011

Brompton LED Light Set

When I first bought my Brompton one thing I didn't buy initially was the light set. Having used it virtually every day since I having my Brompton, I thought is was about time I did a mini review of them.

I bought the set from 'Brilliant Bikes.' It arrived really quickly with full instructions on how to fit it. (Which takes minutes and is fairly hassle free). The rear red light looks great has the Brompton name on it and it sits flush with the bike. It is simply on and off and doesn't have any flashing modes. The light it produces is bright and the two AAA batteries are a doodle to replace.

The front light is one of he best I have ever seen. It comes with a bracket that can be permanently fixed to the handle bars, with the light itself sliding on and off as and when needed. It has flashing and light on modes and produces a brilliant bright white beam. It takes three AAA batteries but both lights last ages and I have yet to replace the batteries on the front or rear.

If you have a Brompton I would say these lights are a must. The rear light really does enhance the look of the bike and doesn't look like an after market part at all. Yes you can buy cheaper lights but I don't think they will look or perform half as well. They really do increase ones confidence when cycling at night or early morning.

(One thing to note. You can buy the rear light on its own but if you want the front light, you'll have to buy the set).

I will post some pics in the next few days.


  1. I've just bought the rear LED unit, also from Brilliant Bikes. It's not obvious how you open the unit to change the batteries - is it straightforward?

  2. Battery change details are on the Brompton website:

    Battery change for the rear lamp: undo the 2 screws in the lens assembly until it (with its screws) can be pulled from the main lamp-body, or, for the front lamp, unscrew the lens. Observe polarity (it’s also shown on the moulding), swap the batteries, and reassemble: do not over tighten the
    screws on the rear lamp.

  3. They really do increase ones confidence when cycling at night or early morning. ledconceptslighting


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