Saturday 24 December 2022

An Orange birthday message to Stanley, Australia

I have written many times that this blog was first and foremost an online diary for myself, so that I can look back and see what I have been up to on my Brompton bikes. A very welcome bonus over the years has been connecting with many people all across the world, who kindly read my ramblings and occasionally contact me. Not long ago I received a message from Elise all the way from Adelaide, Australia about her Pappa, Stanley who is turning 80 on 5th January. I have to say it was to make my day. 

Elise explained in her message that her Pappa, Stanley (surely it must be Stan in Australia) loved reading my blog and reading about my adventures. (Do you know dear reader, I instantly warmed to Stanley)! Elise wondered if I could drop him a message for his birthday but I felt I could do better and write a blog post in his honour. 

A rather fine P-Type

Elsie explained that her Pappa has a Brompton and has been a keen cyclist all his life. He keeps it clean and in 'new condition.' He is a man after my own heart. 

The photo below is from 1976 when Stanley cycled from Klemzig to Victor Harbour and back - getting on for over 120 miles. It is wonderful that Stanley still cycles at approaching 80 and I feel we can all take inspiration from him. I certainly hope that if I am still around at 80, I will be doing the same. 

What a handsome chap and wearing an orange top too!

Your Granddaughter Elise and the rest of your family must love you a great deal and I think what she has done here is a wonderful thing. 

So Stanley, we have never met, live thousands of miles apart, are from different generations and yet we have a common bond that is cycling and of course a Brompton. I wish you a very happy birthday for the 5th January, a very merry Christmas and many more years of cycling adventures. (Naturally, it goes without saying, keep reading this blog)!

Until next time, stay safe out there Stanley. 

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