Sunday 15 November 2015

Big Bobble Hats - alternative to cycling cap this winter

Every so often I see something cycling related that puts a smile on my face. When I saw a few adverts for big bobble hats in all sorts of colours, I knew on sight that it would be something I would instantly take a shine to.

Thankfully, when I opened the package from the lovely people a I managed to do so without causing any more serious injuries to myself!

The hats are a traditional type of bobble hat often knitted by grannies up and down the country. If like me you might remember winding lengths of wool around cardboard disks and eventually perform near magic to great a multicoloured wool pompom.

I always wear a cycling helmet but have taken to always carrying a cycling cap with me when I take it off so that I do not have to endure the stares of onlookers at my helmet hair. Even though I do like these I knew that for the the colder months the extra warmth afforded by these bobble hats would be a welcome bonus.

I was kindly sent two hats for review purposes. One is in Dutch colours and the the other Italian. I have to report I instantly loved them.

They are a universal size that will fit just about any head size be that man, woman or child. The quality is very high and and as well as looking good the practicality of keeping your head warm is obviously there.

You might be aware that I am unable to cycle at the moment and unable to drive until I am given the all clear that my hand is healed to a satisfactory level. This has meant I have had to walk everywhere! I have to walk to work earlier than normal and return home later that I would otherwise and I have loved feeling warm and cosy.

The hats cost £20 each or if buying two you can get them for or £17.50 each. Postage and packing is free and delivery was very fast for me.

The Italian flag hat was swiftly taken away by one of my Orangettes and I have resigned myself to never seeing it again.

When they need a wash it is recommended that you hand wash in cold water. I have done this on the Dutch hat and all was well as far as colour and the hat keeping its shape.

There was an option to design your own hat in terms of colour and this might come back at some point in the future perhaps. In any event there are lots and lots of different colours and designs to choose from and I would imagine these will be added to over the coming months.

During the colder months - once I am cycling again - I will be abandoning the usual cycling hat for my Dutch bobble hat. Of course they won't fit under a cycle helmet but I would only ever use it when the lid is off and I'm standing around having snack. 

Many thanks to the people at big bobble hat for sending me these great hats. Below you will find another link to their website. Definitely check them out to see what takes your fancy. I'm sure you'd find a colour combination you would like. 


  1. I really want one of those now for my winter walks!

  2. Bought one last year and they're great!!

  3. All smiles here, really like a bobble hat!

  4. it unhealthy byproduct in rowing and even We can primarily expectation which will use of a lot of these caps might well then, i'll walk around the block in between a child Bromptonians without having it fear of developing your hair which will resembles an important fresh ploughed domain!


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