Saturday 19 November 2011

Brompton SL2 Test Ride

Well I've bloody done it! Yeah! I managed to give a Brompton SL2 a test run.

As you know I recently tested a 2 speed Brompton that was an M Type and liked the simplicity of the gearing. My worries over an S Type have always been, will it be too low or uncomfortable for a 6 footer with an extended / telescopic seat post? After today I have to say that I need not have worried.

The S Type is lower of course but not low enough to cause concerns. I only had a brief go but I was pleasantly surprised. The flat bar felt firm on the road and less shaky than my M Type. Everything just seemed firmer and more responsive. I liked it a lot. One is further forward and lower but it actually felt comfortable. I liked the riding position dare I say it...better than my M Type!

I do know S Type riders several inches taller than me, older than me and who have a longer daily commute who swear by the S Type. I am beginning to see what they are on about.

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