Saturday 18 September 2010

Just ordered my Brompton!!!

What a moment...well it is for me anyway.  I have finally ordered a Brompton ML6.  Orange frame with black extremities, Schwalbe Marathon wheels, eazy wheels, extended seat pillar, front carrier with a T-bag!

I am so excited about getting this bad boy - or should it be girl?  Emm??  Not sure that sounds too good looking forward to riding that 'bad boy.'  The chap in the shop said that he would ring me on Monday with an estimated delivery time and when I said thanks and turned to leave, with a knowing smile he simply said, "well done."

I have saved up for ages to buy this bike and plan to use it on my short commute to and from work.  I also plan to venture, 'up west' as they say in 'Eastenders' when heading up west and take lots of pictures of out great Capital City.  (I will of course be taking pictures of my Brompton at these locations).

Well there it is.  This could be the start of something rather exciting.  A Brompton!  Anyone out there in the web who has a Brompton let me know what you think.

For the moment, over and out.

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