Thursday, 24 July 2014

12 Ways the Brompton user might annoy a roadie

Owning a Brompton is a joy. There is something very special about owning, riding and looking after the best bicycle bar none. There are some aspects of owning a folding bicycle that may annoy others in the cycling world. When I write 'others' I do mean roadies.

#1 - Hills

The Brompton with its smaller 16 inch wheels has a distinct advantage over its larger wheeled road bike cousin. This is because of some complicated and long winded physics, but as I hated O-lever physics, you'll have to take my word for it.

If you have hills on your commute or when out riding recreationally and see a road bike, try and take it on the hill. As your eyes travel upwards taking in their lycra-clad bodies to their face, you can compound the shame by a cheery, 'lovely morning for it!' For the truly vindictive, a Brompton rider sporting a 'King of the Mountain' jersey adds that final insult.

#2 - Multi-modal

We have all been there. Weather can be awful: rain, snow, fog. The list is endless. With a Brompton if you get fed up with the weather you can simply fold and take it on an alternative form of transport. Just try doing this with a full sized road bike!

#3 - 'Oh look it's a Brompton!'

The Brompton user often hear the above words. You just don't hear passers by say, 'oh look it's a Bianchi...Specialized...Giant....Cube....'

#4 - Better than a Puppy

The Brompton is endearing and dare I say bordering on the cute to many. People who have never set eyes on one are often captivated by them and actively engage the owner in animated conversion. They are the cycling world equivalent of a puppy!

#5 - Brompton World Championships

By the very act of owning a Brompton, you can enter perhaps THE greatest cycling event. Once you have competed in a BWC you can officially regard yourself as an international world class athlete. A roadie might well be able to enter a sportive, but come on...what can compare to the sight of hundreds of Brompton owners racing against each other!?

#6 - Fun

Owning a Brompton is fun. I am sure that roadies have  fun time riding their bikes but does it induce a glance, smile, wave from passers by the way a Brompton does?

#7 - Other Brompton Users

Owning a Brompton means you are part of a club, a fraternity where a common bond is shared instantly. The roadie might nod at each other but the Brompton user quite often dings their distinctive bell at each other. Roadies are often infuriated at witnessing this.

#8 - Locks? Who needs a lock?!

Owning a road bike can be a pain. If you want to pop down the road for a pint of milk etc.., in this day and age you will have to carry a lock. Even then the roadie runs the risk of having their prize targeted by the criminal classes. With a Brompton you simply fold and take it with you. The worry at the back of your mind of whether your bike will still be there is removed, thus making the Brompton owner happier.

#9 - The Shame of being overtaken

If another cyclist overtakes a Brompton, so what. We have smaller wheels! However, if a Brompton user overtakes a roadie (also see #1 again) unless that roadie is of the steeliest disposition they will feel a burning shame.

#10 - Crossover

Many Brompton users actively seek out equipment traditionally designed for the roadie. This could be pedals, lycra, water bottles, micro saddlebags, nutritional products. A simmering hatred can build up in the roadie customer or shop assistant when they find out it is all for a Brompton user!

#11 - Entering a traditionally road bike event

A few brave Bromptonians entered the 'Mitie Revolution' which is traditionally a road bike event. On the start line, outnumbered many times over, the brave Brompton riders had to contend with some withering stares, perhaps asking the question, what are they doling here?! When the ride really started, we were given incredulous glances as we were able to keep up with some of our road bike cousins.

#12 - Clown bikes?

Some roadies will describe the Brompton as above. Many do not perhaps feel the Brompton is a proper bicycle. The comment does say more about the person who uttered it, especially when one takes into account all of the above!

There you have it. A dozen ways the humble Brompton user might, unintentionally annoy the roadie. I would of course say that one should not go out of ones way to annoy any other road user but would highlight # 1, 5, 9 and 11 for the truly wicked out there!

Short Video London Eye to Greenwich and Back

Below you will find a link to a very short video I took on the London Eye to Greenwich and back midweek Brompton adventure. They are a series of photos put together. How many London landmarks can you spot?

This post also marks me passing the 600,000 pages views mark. I actually passed it sometime last week.

As always watch it in the highest quality you can.
Link to short video

Monday, 21 July 2014

My New Orange Brompton is Here!!

Today was a rather exciting day as the dealer I ordered my new Brompton from informed me that my bike was ready and would be sent out by Brompton this very afternoon. Being the best Brompton dealer bar none, I was able to collect it a day early!

I set off as soon as I could and waiting for me was my prize. The specs are as follows:

  • P Type handlebar
  • 6 x Speed
  • 44T chainring
  • Mudguards
  • Orange frame and extremities
  • Extended seat post
  • Firm suspension
  • Marathon tyres
  • SON Hub Dynamo lighting
  • Eazy wheels
  • Brooks B17 Special 
Hurrying home before having to go out to work again in the early evening, I wasted little time in taking the black foam grips off and replacing them with something altogether more orange. There are a few other subtle changes - I wonder if you can spot them? (Any eagle eyed types leave a comment).

It is far too early to write anything at length other than I am VERY pleased with it. Below are some quick photos taken with my phone. Expect a great deal more!

The P Type isn't for everyone, but I have admired them from afar for several years. For me at least it will give me all I need for the type of riding I am doing now and into the future.

There is nothing like ordering a bespoke Brompton and there is something special when it finally arrives. Many thanks to the dealer I bought this Brompton from. He is a rather good chap and luckily for me a friend too.