Saturday, 11 June 2016

Farewell for now dear readers

Well, it is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision after over fives years of blogging and a million and a quarter page views to call it a day on releasing regular blog posts. There are lots of reasons for this which I won't bore you with but sadly, for the moment at least, I cannot summon up the necessary enthusiasm to sustain the release of regular postings.

I started this blog simply as a means of recording my memories in an online diary but its readership - much to my amazement and delight - grew steadily to the extent that I have an average of 25,000 views a month - on a bad month.

Thank you dear reader if you have read my ramblings over the years, left a comment or sent me the odd email. This has all been much appreciated. Wherever you are in the world I do hope that you can get out on your bicycle and continue or start to have adventures of your own.

Farewell for now dear readers.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Road Bike item #2 - Fizik Saddle

When I went for a test ride at Condor last week, the bike I tested was fitted with a saddle by the Italian manufacturer, Fizik. I didn't order my new bike to come with this saddle thinking that I would simply bring along one of my Specialized saddles instead. I did like the Fizik saddle quite a lot and afterward though that it might just be the ticket for my new bike.

A few days later I was still thinking about this saddle. Not with much hope I put in a search into a popular site and saw that the very saddle I was after was up for sale at a very good price. I put my bid in and thought not much more about it. In fact it was during the wait at the Nocturne start line that I found out I won and actually paid for it too just before the heat commenced, being the only person to bid.

I received the saddle today after a couple of failed delivery attempts and it is every bit as gorgeous as I remember of on the test ride.

The Fizik saddle is extremely lightweight when compared to a Brooks - what wouldn't be - and I would say that it is even lighter than my Specialized saddle which I have always regarded as being extremely good on the weight front. Buying a steel framed road bike I am fully aware that it is not the lightest bicycle I could have chosen but I didn't want to stick a Brooks on it.

The saddle is equipped with black manganese rails which will help me achieve the look I am going for.

Like many of the Fizik line of saddles it had a little Fizik clip on the underside of the saddle with come out and into which you can attach a Fizik saddlebag. It is a very good system and a couple of neighbours who have road bikes swear by it. I will have to look into this.

Being an Italian company, the saddle is made in Italy - to me a very welcome bonus - and I find the minimalist, understated styling refreshing and pleasing to my eyes.

I am very much looking forward to taking this with me to Condor Cycles in a few weeks time to have it fitted to my new bike. For me it provides an important finished touch to what I regard as a particularly lovely looking bike.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Road bike item #1 - Lezyne Twin CO2 Kit

When I get my new road bike I don't' really want to mix and match the basic kit I will take with me on rides. Ny first purchase is a Twin CO2 Kit by Lezyne.

This is a quite compact little affair and contains two CO2 cartridges, value, two tyre levers, a couple of puncture repair patches in the the little aluminium box that the cartridges are strapped to and a velcro strap to keep it all together.

It all looks pretty solid and even the tyre levers - which I wasn't aware came with this little kit - are quite robust.

I imagine this would sit quite nicely in a saddle wedge and I have to say easier to carry than the one in my Brompton saddle bag, which sits in an ageing freezer bag!

A good little piece of kit and if you shop around you can get this for £15.